Animals and Wildcats

Animals or Wildcats are wonderful creatures that are found on earth. They make the earth beautiful, just the way God intended it to be. I would not imagine, the world with no wild animals. Just as man has special characteristics and is unique in his own way, that is the same way the Wildcats show special traits. Wildcats are found everywhere on the earth, just like the way services are also found almost everywhere on this continent. Wildcats are not the same everywhere, they vary depending on their geographical locations. they occupy Africa, Europe, Southwest and Central Africa. The ones that are found in Asia are spotted, the ones that are found in Africa are faintly striped and the ones found in Europe are striped. We cannot ignore the fact that, we all have ancestors. This is the same way, the Wildcats are ancestors of domestic cats. They have evolved form generation to generation, over many years. Wildcats cats tend to live in a small group, that is controlled by a male. This is to make sure that, the group is well protected and to dominate that particular group. Wildcats have adapted to different geographical areas, and this makes them have different fur thickness in their bodies. For example, the ones found in Europe are adapted to the cold climate making them have a thick fur to be protected from the cold. The ones found in Africa, have less fur because African continent does not have extreme temperatures, therefore, they they are able to live comfortably in the continent. Wildcats are also very unique; this is because they can be able to sense danger and even protect the young ones in advance. This have made them to be rated among the intelligent wild and domestic animals that are found on the earth.