Human Fascination with Animals

Animals fascinate us. We humans tend to interact a lot with animals be it pets, wild animals, animals for sustenance like cows, goats, chicken among others. Pets are a great company at home. When you are all alone in the house, pets can bring the much-needed companionship. Dogs are companions as well as our security and helpers.

People from all walks of life throng the zoos and parks to watch animals and do many other activities like horseback riding. There are many parks all around the country, and the county of Vaughan aren’t left behind either. The county has a marvelous park where you get to enjoy the park with all kind of animals from domestic to wild animals.

We, humans, get this feeling of joy when we interact with nature. We derive pleasure and feel relaxed when we are one with nature. Watching the free-living animals in their natural environment is just thrilling. We get to ask ourselves if they have the knowledge that humans have or think like us.

Those with disposable income could often visit a place like Africa to watch the Big Five (lion, buffalo, elephant, Rhino and Leopard) or take a sea trip to watch the sea creatures. Animals are distributed across various regions of the world. Depending on the weather conditions they learn to adapt to the environment and find means of survival. It is interesting to imagine how bears or penguins, for example, would survive in the polar regions, Such an inhabitable place for a human being.

Wild animals have reduced significantly over the years. Animals conservationists are moving to preserve them. It is believed that the early man relied solely on bush meat to survive. Even up to the present day, some communities, for example, those in the African and Asian rainforests live harmoniously with wild animals. These animals rely solely on wild animals for food.

It is interesting to see how indigenous people interact with wild animals like they are their colleagues. We in our urban life seem to think that is next to impossible. We only know our domesticated animals, to be specific our cats and dogs.

We all need each other for survival. We need the animals for food, cultural significance, and to watch them during our leisure time. We must protect the environment to preserve them. Ours is just one symbiotic relationship whether we like it or not.